Ten of the Last Year's Most Read Posts of This Blog

There have been quite a bit of interaction and reading of some posts on this blog. Here is a list of posts that have attracted the greatest attention to date. Maybe you will find this interesting for a refresher, or for the interest of commenting for getting maximum exposure for your links. We have carefully excluded posts which are not relevant for long term, but secured surges of traffic due to newsworthiness.

1. Unethical Business Practices by Associated Content
2. Short Story Magazines and Websites: A Comprehensive List
3. Press Release Sites: The Best and the Worst
4. Constant Content: The Best Field for Technical Writing
5. En Dash, Em Dash, and Hiphen
6. Grammar Tip: Suffixes Which Form Noun From Adjectives or Verbs
7. Grammar Tip: I Vs. Me, Who Vs. Whom, and Starting a Sentence With So
8. Using Similes and Metaphors Correctly
9. Professional Blogging Part II: Lifestyle of a Professional Blogger
10. 20 Beautiful Professional Blogger Templates You May Want to Use

If you have any specific favorites among posts, let me know through the comments.

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