Software for Tracking Manuscript Submissions

Once you start into creative writing and novel publishing, you may have to send many many typescripts to various publishers or literary agents. You need to track these submissions somehow. Keeping a list, spreadsheet, or a notepad of submissions will soon tire you out. Here is a better way. A software program, made just for this task: Sonar Submission Tracker.

The important thing to note is this software is completely free.

May it be short stories, novels, or novellas, or even articles to article directories or freelancing websites, Sonar can track their progress pretty well.

Here is a screenshot of Sonar:
Using this program, creating list of submissions and tracking their details is pretty easy. Go ahead and download the app free. If you like it, try more applications from Spacejock, which are all free, and give a tiny donation to the website. You can read my other review about Spacejock writing software, yWriter here.

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  1. Fascinating, I never even thought of using a specialist piece of software for this but now I've seen it it makes perfect sense.

    Thanks for sharing this!


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