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My Success Mantra

TiECON Blogpreneur Contest 2008My Cutewriting is a rather new blog, less than two months old. But it has now 27 subscribers, as you can see from the chicklet from Feedburner on the left. It has so many backlinks from so many blogs, and some of these blogs are PR4 and PR5. And as the greatest achievement, my this little blog ranks on the second page of Google for the search term, “Good Writing,” which is of above average search volume. I am getting some search engine hits these days. Only very recently did I come up to the top of search results. This is an addition to this article (this part [in italics] is written after the article was published in the blog), I am adding now (1:18 pm April 30 IST). I woke up in the morning, and when I checked this site, I found it to be PR1. Wow! But I thought it was a fake PR (most of the time the Google toolbar shows the PR of any other open windows here). So, I went and checked my site’s PR in a website, which checks PR. Yes it is PR1 now. All these achievements within such a minute period! I am way too thrilled!

This post is made as an entry for a contest hosted by Chitika, but I have taken all expertise to put down neatly, what made me reach this distinction within the span of around 45 days.

Back in 2007, I was working with Accenture Financial Services in Chennai, India, with so many friends from all the south Indian states. It was a real great experience to work in Accenture, a brilliant experience indeed. Then by August, I quit the company, came back to my place in Kerala, with plans to seek employment in some local firm.

But after coming to my place, all my attention was soon taken away by Internet and Web technologies. I had a blog earlier, which didn’t have any post whatever, LenXworld. I restarted posting in that blog, and didn’t continue much. There was no specific topic to be addressed. It was about everything: money making, actresses, actors, films, literature, and what not!

Besides this, I started writing for Hubpages, tried my luck with Helium, AssociatedContent, and so many other ventures. Even learned a bit about PTC advertising, clicking ads to make bucks, etc. I made around ten dollars from PTC networks as well. Then I wrote some reviews for Shared Reviews. It is the first site that paid me some cash. They paid thirty dollars in toto.

By the beginning of 2008, I decided to put my services on the freelance sector and advertised that I can do Link Building jobs. And within a week’s time, a really wonderful lady approached me to do link building for her website, Change Leaders. I did the work for about a month or so, and for that, she paid me $150, way more than I expected to get for that work.

By around this time, I had understood that my area was writing. I went back to writing and found this new website, marketing articles, Constant-Content. Please read my post about Constant-Content here. I started writing there, and got published soon. Many of my articles were purchased and I soon (within a month’s time) became one of the featured authors there. They paid me nearly $500 within a month’s time. If you check their ‘Authors’ page, you will find my ID, vjlenin.

Then by the middle of the month of March, I began this little blog, with a determination to write hard on it, and make it big. From the past blog posts, you will know this is a well-tended blog, with regular content (in the tune of once in two days; I have now decided to put at least one post per day).

I joined all social networking and bookmarking sites, Digg, Technorati, Blogcatalog, Facebook, Orkut, etc. and worked extra hard at finding people to read my blog. I could fortunately get so many visitors to my site. Today, nearly hundred people visit my site every day. And I searched taking time for bloggers with similar interest, and proposed link exchange schemes with many people. And the responses were extremely overwhelming. I could get so many backlinks to my blog. Though some are not yet recognized by Google (owing to the fact that the site is very new), they will soon be.

So many people have spoken of the valuable content for writers I write on my little blog, and they have identified this as a good resource for budding writers. So, it is apt to say that I earned the links I earned by sheer merit.

Most of my success came from Blogcatalog, the best blog directory in the world. All my buddies there are very good, and my heart never stops going out to thank them for their help. I feel truly that the hard work I put into this particular blog, creating quality content, well researched, and with full focus on the topic of the blog, has been the major reason behind my success.

The blog’s topic is Writing Help, and it is meant to help writers write better, understand grammar, punctuation, literature, and everything related to writing. I have showed, complete justice to my blog, and have always given my readers posts meant to improve their writing. This dedication behind my success is equally applicable to all bloggers in Blogosphere.

Copyright © Lenin Nair 2008


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