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20 Beautiful Professional Blogger Templates You May Want to Use

Professional blogging definitely requires you to use an elegant, versatile template. The importance of a template doesn’t stop at just the looks. You have to plan well ahead as to how your blog should look and perform. This planning should include: Where the content will appear, link list at the top, link list at the bottom, size of the blog, placement of widgets like archives, social network icons, advertisements, etc.

Concerning the prettiness, there are two types of templates—professional ones and aesthetic ones. The professional templates are more user-friendly, giving access to all blog’s features more easily, while remaining very eye-candy. While the aesthetic templates are rich in beauty and multimedia elegance. If you ask me, I would suggest you use a unique professional template—clean and elegant.

Using an aesthetic template with quite a bit of graphics and Flash content has certain disadvantages. The blog size will increase, Search engine indexing problem (search engines do not understand rich Flash content or images), etc.

If you are sure that you need an aesthetic template, make sure you don’t use any of those free ones already floating around in the Net. They are already used by quite a few newbie bloggers and will not help you in your brand building. Aesthetic templates are good only for celebrity bloggers—film stars, pop stars, etc.—who are not blogging as a full time profession.

Here Are a Few Professional Free Blog Templates for You. I fished around at various places including eBlogTemplates to get them. Comment on what you think of the list and suggest any other.

1. WP Premium

When it comes to professional blogging, I can’t ignore this template at all. Perhaps the best professional template out there. CuteWriting is itself the demo for this template. You can download your copy for your Blogger blog here:

2. Ads Theme
Ads Theme Blogger template
Demo Site | Download

3. Business Blue
Business Blue blogger template
Demo Site | Download

4. Andreaas2 Blogger
Andreaas2 Blogger
Demo Site | Download

5. Blog Oh Blog V2.0
Blog Oh Blog template
Demo Site | Download

6. Minyx Blogger
Minyx blogger template
Demo Site | Download

7. Blogging Pro
Blogging pro template
Demo Site | Download

8. Missing Piece
Missing Piece
Demo Not Yet | Download

9. Forest Green
Forest green blogger template
Demo Site | Download

10. Coffee N Cream
Coffee N Cream template for Blogger
Demo Site | Download

11. Indigo Blogger
Indigo Blogger
Demo Site | Download

12. Beautiful Day
Beautiful Day template
Demo Site | Download

13. A Rose a Love
A Rose a Love template
Demo Site | Download

14. Underground
Underground template
Demo Site | Download

15. Artica
Artica template
Demo Site | Download

16. FTW
FTW template for Blogger
Demo Site | Download

17. iWork Template
iWork Template
Demo Site | Download

18. Emire
Emire template
Demo Site | Download

19. Grey Press
Grey Press
Demo Site | Download

20. Softlight
Softlight blogger template
Demo Site | Download

These templates are all well optimized for advertisement placement and higher earnings, as well as very elegant. However, I suggest you edit the template to fairly represent your uniqueness. Comment on the templates listed and mention if you have any other recommendation.

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Copyright © Lenin Nair 2008


  1. How can I change the Ads theme to reflect and match my topic? My topic is "mylot" and I have been trying to go with a blue theme. This is what I have so far.

  2. very cool template, simple and elegant... thanks for sharing...


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