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How to Create a Mobile Edition of Your Website/Blog?

Here is a message I received from a reader, Sarath Ganesh:
How to convert my site into a mobile one?
Please tell me

OK, Ganesh, here in this post, I will explain this in detail. Having a mobile edition to your website/blog is always good, as it will be effectively served to a large group of mobile internet users.
Mobile Edition of a blog

Way 1: Google Reader Method

This is the simplest way to enable your mobile website. Just input your site’s feed URL here:[the complete URL of your feed]

Your mobile edition will look like:

This method to create mobile edition is my recommendation, as it is simple and straightforward. The Google reader has high availability as well.

Way 2: Google Mobile Optimized Site Creator

Google has a special service to create a mobile optimized site here: Input your site’s URL and it will automatically create a mobile-optimized edition.

Way 3: Some Web Services That Help Enable Your Mobile Edition

There are quite a few web services, which can create a mobile phone edition of your site. Here are a few of them. They may require your blog’s RSS or Atom feed for the conversion.

1. Mofuse

Sign up to this service and you can add your blog feed URL to create a mobile edition, and the mobile edition will look like: Now, Mofuse also provides an iPhone optimized version of your site. Self-hosted bloggers can set up a mobile edition in the website domain itself with this service.
Sign up to Mofuse

2. Mippin

Mippin is a converter that accepts your Atom feed and instantly creates a mobile edition for your site. Just input your blog’s RSS/Atom feed into the service and go. For Blogger blogs, you can input the Atom feed URL:"false"

Create mobile edition with Mippin

For WordPress Users: A WordPress Mobile Plug-in

Mobile edition for WordPress websites can be made using a WordPress plug-in that optimizes the site for mobile and PDA browsers. You can download this plug-in from here: WP Mobile Edition. You will find several other WP plug-ins too in that page.


Though low traffic bloggers may not notice it, the importance of a mobile edition should never be underestimated. I suggest you enable this feature in your blog to cater to all types of users.

Copyright © Lenin Nair 2008


  1. lets you build mobile web pages in minutes ... very easy to use ...

  2. Excellent information and links. Thank you. I'll be making "mobile friendly" very soon and also providing several feedburner/mobile links to other site information I feature. Looks like a good service for those people on the go.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Dear readers, I received the following comment from one person who calls him/herself 'Helen Hunt'.

    ----- Comment starts -----
    "I just went through your post and found a few comments very misleading - For example, in Way 1: Google Reader: this is absolutely wrong as it only works with blogs and not websites. You should have stayed on topic and not dash in and out of different domains.

    In fact, I think you looked around the web and compiled a list of related but different topics


    Nice try, but a little research might help here.

    Good luck,
    ---- End of comment -----

    @Helen Hunt: Some of these techniques work for websites, and some for blogs, and they are all free. Please understand the title before making derogatory comments. Another thing: I have deleted your comment, since you are probably using the name of a famous actor, who is my favorite too.

  5. Thank you for your article. It is difficult to find the right mobile site creator. I have started a mobile blog site after searching for the right builder. Interestingly many people I have spoken to said I wouldn't get much traffic. The realty is very different, my traffic has increased. I also took advantage of the iPhone 3Gs release and got involved in any discussions related to this particularly in particular TWITTER which helped to promote my mobile site.

    After a very long search I choose firstly because it is really simple to use, the platform converts most outgoing links into a mobile format and secondly I only needed to link my rss feed to my mobile site and the creator does all the formatting. You can also create iPhone version of your site.

    Take a look at my site this has been created at



  6. Hi Lenin, nice article.
    There are a few more services that help you create a mobile version of the site that you did not list here, I'm personally using for my blog the following service, where I submit the RSS link, and the mobile website is updated automatically for each post:

  7. Hey there! I simply want to offer you a big thumbs up for the excellent information you have got here on this post. I'll be coming back to your website for more soon.

  8. I think this post goes to show how fast the mobile internet is moving and how consumers' expectations are changing too. The Google conversion tool, although revolutionary then looks hideously out of date given the rise of jQuery mobile.

    Of course as technology and demand has risen, and there are now a wide range of other providers. I'd love to get your opinion on the new bunch of mobile website creators.

  9. I used these techniques for my sites and they're great. There are free apps and paid apps. Depends on what you want.. Adam Friedman


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