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Contributions Invited to CuteWriting

[Dear readers, I have decided to invite user submissions to CuteWriting. We are nearing the hundredth post in this blog, and it’s a special occasion for us all. We have also hit the subscriber count above a hundred. Please read further below, to know about contributing to CuteWriting. ]

CuteWriting is already a popular blog in the blogosphere, and perhaps the only Blogspot blog that well addresses creative writing and related topics. It is always best to post as guest to another blog, for brand building and promoting your own blog, if you have one. Here, I am giving each of you the opportunity to contribute to CuteWriting.

The Benefits of This Program

Links to your site or blog: From your post in CuteWriting, you can get a maximum of three links to the relevant pages in your site or blog. These links can be made highly targeted if you link to the most relevant pages in your blog, and will be very beneficial in terms of SEO.

The links will be given in this way: you can place two links to your site within the post with appropriate anchor text, and one general link from the contributor line in this form:

“Contributed by your name from your site link

Your word reaches more people, if you have a site with less popularity than CuteWriting. If you have a really great content, then your site will probably get a dozen more visitors and RSS readers. Reader Contributions is a special category in which all contribution posts will appear.

Your Bio: You can submit a short paragraph about yourself at the bottom of the post, if you choose to do so. And if you are an authority yourself, then this bio will be very beneficial to your personal site. You may submit a photograph also if you wish.

I will give special sitewide links to contributors who submit more often.

The Content Requirements

Anybody can submit to CuteWriting. The only most important thing is that your content should have anything beneficially unique to my readers. It should be in any of the topics covered in the blog: creative writing, grammar, punctuation, publication, blogging tips, etc., (please check out the categories section).

The content should not be any general article. It should have your voice allover, and any unique, useful opinions you may have.

I recommend that you proofread your content well and edit it to perfection. However, I understand the difficulties of proofreading and editing an article, and I will do it myself anyway.

You can submit videos, images, illustrations, or audios with your entry if you choose to do so, but please check out the submission guidelines for them below.

Lists (ten tips to do something, hundred ways to do something, etc) and guides (how to do something) attract more visitors and interest.

How to Use This Program

The very best thing to do is to contact me through the site contact form, and give me an overview of your article. I will reply you in case I am interested to see your article and will give you specific submission instructions.

Alternatively, you can send the article directly to me at my email address, vjlenin (at sign), attached in any of the file formats mentioned below. However, this email address gets too much of spam and junk content, which may sink your submission; so, it is best to query me first through the contact form.

Text Formatting

The formatting I recommend is 12 pt, Times New Roman. However, you can submit in any font or formatting you feel good about. I will edit the post, weed out any typos or mistakes, and will reformat the post into the blog’s general format, which is Verdana 10 pt.

File Formats:

Your submission should typically be in MS Word format. However, you should not submit in MS Word 2007. Word 2003 or lower is the format I can open here. You can alternatively submit in Text form (txt), Rich Text Format (rtf), or HTML format. Please don’t use any other format.

Video, Audio, Image, or Illustration Submissions

Only images and illustrations (in popular image formats) are supported within Blogger. So, if you wish to publish any video posts, please make sure you have textual description accompanying, no less than 250 words. Upload your video into YouTube and please send either the video embed code from YouTube or the direct video link. If you have audio, upload it into any audio service from which Blogger can stream it. Submit your images or illustrations directly to me in popular image file formats to my email address, along with the text submission.

The Rights

You should submit your original content only, and should not submit any copied content. All submissions will be copyscaped before publication. Also, your submission should not be already published anywhere else. I may edit the content and make any changes necessary, such as adding new links.

With the submission to CuteWriting, you are giving retention rights to CuteWriting for a whole week. During this time, you should not publish the content anywhere else. After a week, you are free to publish the content as you choose (we would appreciate a link back to the original post.)

In circumstances you wish to publish the content elsewhere before this one week period, you should let me know. If you don’t respect this recommendation, I may remove your content from this blog. If in the future, you wish to remove the post from CuteWriting, please let me know through the contact form.

If the video, audio, images, or illustrations are not your own, please provide the original sources for giving them the link credit.

To know more about the program or to submit your content, please contact me. Here is the Copyright Policy of CuteWriting.

Copyright © Lenin Nair 2008


  1. Your invitation is good, but it is limited only to a particular topic. What about those wanting to contribute short stories, etc?

    Thanks and happy blogging.

  2. Hi Jen, thanks for your concern. It's not that I didn't think about that. Right now, the blog is concentrating on non-fiction topics only. In the very near future, as soon as it is established as an authority blog, I will start receiving short stories and poetry submissions.


  3. a great blog concept! my blog has quite a few good stories submitted by very good writers. they are mostly fiction and poetry though there are non-fiction dead pet stories. is there a problem with that? so let me know when you expand into fiction.

    agree with you about the spam thing. i did not do the no-follow thing but have built up a good blacklist which does work.

    btw - dugg this post!


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